I had a teacher tell me in eighth grade that I should never start a presentation with a disclaimer. Joke's on her, because I start just about everything with a disclaimer. That's called not being confident! I'm somehow confident enough to do new things, yet I don't exactly approach them with confidence. Can anyone unpack… Continue reading disclaimer:

I always knew mozzarella sticks were the answer

Yesterday's MRI was not my first (or even my first with contrast dye) by any means. However, it was the first MRI I've had where I found pictures of dreamy coastlines taped inside the big, boring, clanking machine for patients to look at. I pictured a healthy and wealthy version of myself on vacation in… Continue reading I always knew mozzarella sticks were the answer

7 things that kept me sane this week

1) Thick: And Other Essays by Tressie McMillan Cottom I found out about Tressie McMillan Cottom's latest book thanks to Goodreads.com, who featured Thick in a promotional email that of course I cannot find. Now that I am aware of McMillan Cottom - her education, professional and personal background, it's no surprise at all that her essays were filled… Continue reading 7 things that kept me sane this week

a bit dramatic for a lunch break

"Picture it. New York, February 2018." I was plowing smoothly through my morning at work, having sat down at my desk at 7am and not having moved much since (as per usual). There was nothing especially stressful about this day in relation to work, but I was experiencing waves of pain and discomfort throughout the… Continue reading a bit dramatic for a lunch break

but are you SURE it’s not a piece of glitter?

This feeling that I've had all week is familiar, but I don't have a name for it. Disappointment is close, but isn't quite right. Perhaps a form of disappointment that's under the umbrella of simply "tired" with a splash of "whatever" to it. I'm on a break, basically. I have to pause for a little… Continue reading but are you SURE it’s not a piece of glitter?

hospital aside, A+ day!

me, January 1st: new year, new me #health me, 2am, January 3rd: wakes up in the emergency room Just to start out on a positive note, January 2nd was an awesome day. It was a total bro day, if anyone remembers How I Met Your Mother back when it was lighthearted and full of laser-tag. I was taken out for a… Continue reading hospital aside, A+ day!

välkommen, år av grisen (welcome, year of the pig)

Thinking about a whole new, fresh, unsullied year laid out in front of me is overwhelming. It's a good sort of overwhelming, though. Not to get all sentimental on everyone but 2018 brought me more than I expected, & things I didn't know I needed. I'm using the word "things" very loosely here, referring to experiences, relationships, realizations - all of… Continue reading välkommen, år av grisen (welcome, year of the pig)