välkommen, år av grisen

Thinking about a whole new, fresh, unsullied year laid out in front of me is overwhelmingIt’s a good sort of overwhelming, though. Not to get all sentimental on everyone but 2018 brought me more than I expected, & things I didn’t know I needed. I’m using the word “things” very loosely here, referring to experiences, relationships, realizations – all of that wholesome stuff. For your viewing pleasure, I have narrowed the year down to sixteen pictures, from pageants to hospitals and everything in between.

from top left, clockwise: 1) Miss NY USA 2) Accepted a grown-up job 3) Hospitalized on my lunch break 4) Visits with hometown friends 5) Reunited with my pageant love 6) First date with some idiot who drew on my hand 7) First NY baseball game 8) Concert for pre-teens with my best friend

One of the best things about this year is how much time I was able to spend visiting with my favorite people: friends from home, friends from college, pageant sisters (well okay, just the one). It was a goal of mine to put more effort into making time for the people who make my life more whole and holy crap, I actually sort of accomplished it. ?!?

same: 1) moving out of the apartment I had literally just moved into because I quit the grown-up job 2) London! 3) Lake George 4) Panorama 5) Polo and burgers and pints 6) Newport, RI 7) SCOTLAND 8) Christmas, AKA food and naps and food and naps

That empty room picture in the 2nd set seemed necessary, to acknowledge that I achieved my 2018 goal of moving out (yay!) aaand then had to move back to my old place a month later. These things happen. BUT, shortly afterwards I went to London, took my first trip to Newport, went back to Scotland (never going to shut up about that) and had a great end to the year.

All in all, I’m extremely pleased with the way 2018 progressed. Sarah and I had our annual coffee/snacks/New-Year’s-list-making session a few days ago and created our own outlines for 2019. Drum roll, please…

  • Be nicer to your teeth. Your enamel situation is scary. Do better.
  • Approach your personal work (writing, this blog, artistic endeavors) as if it’s paid work. Schedule it into your calendar like you’re working a shift.
  • On that note, finish your screenplay.
  • Rebuild your ankle strength. We want to have the option to wear heels in the future.
  • Read 24 books. That’s 2 per month. Honestly it’s kind of pathetic. You can manage this. Also, use Goodreads to keep track.
  • Be in a position to start paying your student loans by the time fall rolls around.
  • Actually use your budgeting app and any other budgeting methods to see that you stay on track to meet your financial goals.
  • Speaking of apps, use Duolingo again. You were getting weirdly good at Swedish.
  • Embrace the library.
  • Your job requirements (and I don’t care if this is part time or full time or whatever) are that you receive BENEFITS & a STEADY CHECK. …or start making enough money to pay for insurance out of pocket, if it isn’t provided. You really just need to get this insurance situation together. 
  • Stop buying cheap stuff that falls apart. This is mostly in regard to clothes. Wear what makes you feel good, and we know you feel best when you’re not feeling shabby. 
  • Use all those beauty products before they expire rather than taking five years to use one mascara. Why do you have so much makeup? You don’t wear makeup. #stopbuyingmakeup2019
  • Sew the godd*mn T-shirt quilt, it has been literally four years.
  • Have a travel savings for 2020. 
  • Have 100 followers on this blog. A reach? Probably. Still a goal? Sure.

I think this is a good start. I’m also stealing a few right off of last year’s list, because I did not meet these goals:

  • Take more pictures with friends and loved ones. Those sunset pictures aren’t going to make you feel the same way twenty years down the road. You’re cute. Your friends are cute. Take some dang pictures even if it makes people groan.
  • Make some headway on learning to cook, please. I’ll give you simple goals: try cooking a steak, making a sauce from scratch, and an Indian recipe. Maybe your own masala sauce? You can’t keep eating oatmeal and frozen peas. 
  • Develop better cleaning habits. Make yourself a chart if you have to. You’re a clean person but you are forgetful and I know you put cleaning on the back burner when you have other things going on. Put it in your schedule. You’re good with schedules.
  • Take some Red Cross classes. Get yourself connected with the right regional group since you currently are not, and start participating! 
  • If logging in a food diary keeps you healthier and more sane, do it. Don’t worry that you’re being too strict, too anal, too anything. If it’s helping, do it.
  • That goes for anything. If it’s helping, do it.

This is getting lengthy. Happy New Year, friends. Here’s to your health, in the hundred different ways we use the word. Here’s to knowing what you want and taking it at your own pace, not someone else’s. Here’s to stumbling, starting, trying, struggling, failing, trying again, trying again, & trying again.

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