7 things that kept me sane this week

1) Thick: And Other Essays by Tressie McMillan Cottom

I found out about Tressie McMillan Cottom’s latest book thanks to Goodreads.com, who featured Thick in a promotional email that of course I cannot find. Now that I am aware of McMillan Cottom – her education, professional and personal background, it’s no surprise at all that her essays were filled with valid, harrowing, necessary points about the suppression of black women’s success. Had I not already returned the book to the library, I’d drop a few quotes from the two essays that were the biggest eye-openers for me: “Black Girlhood, Interrupted” and “Dying to Be Competent.” Read it. Go. Request it to your local library like I did and get it done.

2. Craiglist job searching

I’ve tried numerous other job hunting websites over the years, but I always come back to Craigslist. It relaxes me. People can be themselves. I’ve found several legitimate, enjoyable jobs through Craigslist. These past few weeks I’ve been trying out new platforms for job searching, and honestly thought I’d found the perfect one…until I realized they were reviewing and tossing my applications before giving the companies the chance to review and reject me themselves. Seems a little rude! Maybe I don’t look at all qualified to do a particular job – well guess what? I’ve almost NEVER been qualified to do any of my jobs.

*sips tea while responding to 20 Craigslist ads.*

3. YouTube workouts

I cancelled my gym membership when my last job ended, as I don’t live anywhere near the gym I joined two years ago. It’s a popular chain so there have always been options near my work, throughout all of my job changes. However, I finally live far enough from civilization that it’s a little crazy to make the trek just for the gym. Especially when it’s as cold out as it has been. I’m familiar with a wide variety of floor workouts thanks to my athletic background, but I’ve found a few YouTube workouts that force me to follow an instructor and commit to the right amount of sets and repetitions – I need that sometimes. If I start with an instructor-led video, I find that I’m more devoted to the rest of my workout, even though it’s just me. POPSUGAR Fitness is my lifesaver with their free videos (I love this 4-minute arm workout) and I’m already feeling better about myself from a week of lightly stepping back into an active lifestyle. Yay.

4. Hitting things

I’m always creeping…

I spent Monday with Sean and convinced him that we should go to the driving range instead of go-karting. It was such a beautiful day, there was no need for indoor activities. The first time we went to the driving range was just short of a year ago, and there was much coaching involved. I needed it, though – I hadn’t golfed since attending my boujee summer camp years and years ago. We’ve gone back to the driving range since, but this was the first time we just let each other do our thing, quietly, without even really watching each other. It was a different experience, and a very peaceful one. …except when the golf cart came out to clear the green and Sean fired off probably around thirty balls trying to hit the guy.

5. Obvious Child (Robespierre, 2014)

Okay, so I’m five years late to this movie but shoutout to my gut feeling for always knowing exactly what I need to watch. This was a Netflix find, chosen solely for Jenny Slate playing the lead. She’s a big favorite of mine. I can barely say anything about this one without it being a spoiler, but if you can tolerate vulgar humor, love a good feminist moment, want to laugh and then probably cry a little bit, and don’t have plans to eat any cream cheese in the near future – this is one to watch. Also, if you’re in your mid/late-twenties and don’t feel like an adult yet, this is for you.

6. A solo coffee walk through Central Park

I wanted to drop off cookies to Sean yesterday after running errands, but I ended up way ahead of schedule and therefore decided to meander through Central Park. My coffee didn’t stay warm for very long, but it was rich and wonderful and only $2.50 so…ca-ching. I also, and don’t freak out, saw THE hot duck. This one. If you haven’t heard, there’s a Mandarin duck in Central Park now, and I’ve never looked for it before. However, I stopped on a whim yesterday to gaze upon some mainstream ducks, and there he was. An amazing turn of events.

7. A giant burger and a glass of wine

First of all…yes, I had a glass of wine yesterday. I also sipped some cider during the Super Bowl and a bit of a beer on Monday. It’s okay. It’s more than okay – it was arguably necessary. I’m feeling great, to tell you the awesome truth. And I’m pretty much always craving a burger, but the scale was at about a 9 out of 10 last night. This pub burger got the job done, and the single glass of happy hour wine felt much deserved. We’re all gonna be alright.

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