I forgot to plan for this.

Before I started this blog, it seemed like I had some crazy new health development or another every week. It was always the feeling of “man, I should’ve been blogging when such and such happened,” until I finally decided that better late than never, let’s get this blog going.

I’m realizing now that I’m in somewhat of a “chill” spell, for which I am super grateful. The frequency and severity of my symptoms has always fluctuated so that’s no surprise, and I would say that I’m due for a little break after everything that went on from the end of November until the start of January. There have been little blips here and there – last week was marked by persistent nausea and a decrease in appetite, and the week before saw the return of some mild kidney pain. I’m actually fighting through some strong stomach pain as we speak, but I’m fairly sure that this is a result of swapping coffee for matcha this morning. That was my bad. None of this stuff warrants sharing with you, if you ask me. So here I am, wondering…what do I write about when nothing crazy is happening?

Of course, I could just wait for something to happen…but I don’t love that idea. I don’t want saorza to only exist in the hard, chaotic, or confusing times. I also definitely do not want to go looking for problems for the sake of content. But I do want to exist here, consistently. So.

If you’ve been paying attention, I’m trying to use a lot of hashtags on my posts. Despite being the right age to understand and one could say, ~cherish~ hashtags, I’m not really into it. However, as I’ve said a million times, if there’s anyone who might be able to see themselves in any of my ridiculousness, I want them to be able to find this site. My go-to tags are #health, #diagnosis, #chronicpain, and a variety of others. I spice it up with additions from time to time, depending how I’m feeling.

I’ve decided (literally one minute ago because I started writing this with no direction) that for the times when I don’t have any health updates or symptom changes, I’m going to post lists.

I love lists. I think I actually used the tag #ilovelists at one point.

The only thing I enjoy more than reading an entertaining list is writing one, so I will begin my list-writing today. Two posts in one day. I’m suddenly very aggressive like that. I brought up the hashtags because I will not add my usual health-related hashtags to my lists. I will use #list as a way to keep the diagnosis quest separate from the unrelated lists. If you enjoy reading both – great! If you’re into one or the other, that’s fine as well, and the tags should help you get where you’re trying to go. If you’re wondering if I ever have any sort of planned approach to any of this, you’re right, I totally don’t.

I’m going to toss this post into cyberspace and get back to you later with the list, which started to take form in my mind as I began writing this. I’m excited to put…fingers to keyboard (?) for this one.

🙂 x

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