sharing is not caring if you’re being ridiculous

It started with my being at a film shoot last Wednesday. “I’ll post on Thursday,” she said.

Thursday I had a job interview, after which I rewarded myself with having a baking party and falling down a podcast rabbit hole.

Friday I had a second job interview and then must’ve done other things, because I certainly did not post anything.

Saturday was my family reunion, and Sunday I watched Manchester United destroy Chelsea and then went to see Hootie and the Blowfish (none of that makes sense to me, either).

Monday I walked 500 miles with one of my favorite people from home who was visiting the city, and yesterday I shadowed someone as a sort of third interview. Then I fell asleep.

ANYWAY, that’s my alibi. So here we are now, a week late. I’d say sorry but I feel like I’m doing everyone a favor by not posting when I don’t have any real thoughts to contribute to the world.

This is a subject I spend a lot of my limited brain energy thinking about – whether or not I have the right idea by even trying to publish posts on any sort of schedule.

I like that it’s a way to practice holding myself accountable when no one else expects anything of me. I think it’s good to have things like that in your life. It’s like working out.

Also like working out, writing works best when you just do it. Do the little bit. Write a poem about a stranger or arbitrary object. Start 50 novels and abandon them all, if you feel like it. As long as you keep writing and paying attention to what works versus what doesn’t, I don’t see how you won’t end up making progress. I look at my past posts from time to time, and I’ve found that having the distance between the day I wrote it and the present makes it much more clear what I could’ve done better. It helps me figure out how I might try to express something differently next time.

There’s that other thing about being a “blogger” (*scowls*) that would require me to post consistently. For the sake of growing my “brand.”

I picture a wild-eyed male actor in his late fifties or so who only wears turtlenecks and has hair too unkempt to be hip at his age who has never taken a paid gig because of his “artistic integrity.” I realize that maybe I’m the blogger version of this cynical jabroni. Should I be this way? Some would say no, but I say yes because it’s the way I am and therefore it is what it is.

There’s a lot of “this happened to me today, and my realization was profound” going around on these influencer Instagram accounts and blogs. It’s always something that happens to the writer, not something that happens to someone else. Or if the event does happen to someone else, the story is really about how the writer went through a moment of realization.

“Hey guys. I have something important to share.

I was outside (in my favorite Savannah Wide-Leg Denim Overall by Free People, link here #fppartner) tending to my sunflowers, when I noticed that all but one of the leaves on the bottom two feet of the stalks had shriveled up and died. The leaves looked more and more green as they got closer to the top. These were the leaves closest to the sun, because the sun is up in the sky.

It occurred to me that your position is your power. Sometimes, the system is designed for some to thrive and some to barely survive. That’s nature, and the nature of life. I was born a bottom leaf, but I’m strong, and I am hanging on. I want all of you to keep hanging on. Be that one not-dead leaf. xoxo. *leaf emoji* *green heart emoji* *muscle flexing emoji*”

Do we need more of this? I’m just one gal with one opinion, but absolutely the heck not.

I’m losing my mind lately over everything I see on the news, and additionally, all of the absolutely made-up news I get to watch people share on Facebook. Posts shared that serve no purpose other than to make another group of people angry. Why? Are we not busy enough? Are we angry about so much ourselves that we want to spread it around to others? I don’t respond to any of these posts because I think progress will only come if we ignore nonsense and channel our anger towards actual change. But maaaan I am operating with a short fuse lately.

We need facts. Just facts. And videos of otters and cookie recipes, they can stay. Also, harmless memes.

…I love writing “harmless memes.” As if we ever thought memes would become politicized.

I hope no one takes this as an attack on creative writing, or motivational writing, (except for the kind on which I based that sunflower example, because I am totally attacking that). That’d be like saying all styles of painting that aren’t Renaissance portraits are useless and dumb. No.

All I’m getting at is that there’s an obsession with adding and adding and adding content into society via so many outlets, without a whole lot of regulating, and it’s hard to find two critical types of information: what’s urgent, and what’s true.

If you write acrostic poetry and that’s your “thing” – no problem, you keep doing you. I’m just hoping that we’re heading towards a shift where people start questioning the validity of what they’re sharing before they share it. Or in the case of sunflower influencer: is this what people need? Is the post maybe kinda tone-deaf? Am I just posting because I need daily content and I haven’t left the house today?

Let’s be responsible! It’s sexy! Facts are great! Real research is awesome!

That’s it. That’s the post. I have some pictures to prove that I really was busy this past week and because people are more likely to read a post with pictures. That amount of catering to what works I am willing to do, but mostly because I’m proud of my phone photography. G’bye!

2 Replies to “sharing is not caring if you’re being ridiculous”

  1. I recently took a two week break from newspaper writing (I know, I know… but how could I?) so that I could recharge my batteries before heading headlong into a duo of difficult stories and beginning my second year of graduate school (yay?) at the end of August… There is something to be said for not writing on any kind of a schedule, and when you are forced to do, using that schedule to give yourself a break every once in a while before your creativity is shot… Not sure how my break will help me with the upcoming semester, but those two stories came out fantastically when given the time to rest my writing weary brain. As the Brits are known to say: Keep calm and keep writing (but give yourself a tea time).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definite yay, first of all. I’ll still be contemplating grad school a few years from now and you’ll be done! It’s gonna be good. I’m excited for ya.

      The breaks are good, definitely. Especially breaks where you don’t let yourself get sucked into your phone or the like. Newspaper writing is a whole other animal, I’m sure, but with a project that’s 100% personal and totally ongoing…there’s so much freedom and I’m not surprised I’m still finding my stride. And I know it’s okay that I am, and probably will be for a while haha.

      Also, not that you were being literal, but it’s amazing how much of a placebo I’ve made coffee/tea (the caffeinated variety) when it comes to sitting down to some writing. Now that I think about it it’s usually coffee for writing, tea for reading…I don’t know why, but that’s my story.


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