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I take up a very tiny bit of space online with this website. I let that be the reason I stayed silent here, and became more vocal on Instagram over the past week or so where I have a larger (albeit not much larger) reach.

However, I’m realizing today that, without actively promoting my own page or voice in a time when everyone needs to finally, finally start listening to Black voices, it would be good to drop some resources here for anyone who accidentally stumbles across my little bit of space. To my lil’ group of email subscribers…sorry about the email. Go back to what you were doing. ❤

But, to start…

This is a video from 2017 that I saw today (the day of writing) for the first time. This is what pushed me to write today, knowing how many parents and grandparents of white people around my age likely are not on Instagram and might not come across something as important as this as easily as someone younger might.

If you’re human, especially a parent (I would imagine?!) and you still don’t understand why Black Lives Matter is an absolutely crucial movement after watching this…I really don’t know what to tell you. Watch it again. And again.

(This is not to say that BLM is only about police brutality – that’s far from true. I can just think of a few people who might react to this who have yet to react to anything else, somehow.)

And now, a list.

By the way, this is obviously not conclusive. All of this is ongoing work, and in the name of it being ongoing, I’m going to share now while still (and forever) learning.


  • (@siainstyle) – Ifeoma Amadi is a gorgeous digital creator: sustainability, fashion, activism…honestly I really can’t sum her up, she’s doing it all. also, refer to her for more thorough, thoughtfully curated lists of small businesses to support and people to pay attention to.
  • (@rachel.cargle) – academic, writer, lecturer – AND you can see all of her instagram posts right on her website. be sure to click through and read the captions!! support her here.
  • (@laylafsaad) – author, speaker, teacher – if you’ve heard of Me and White Supremacy, that’s her book! there’s a free copy floating around online, so on her behalf I beg you: if you’re going to read the book, please BUY THE BOOK. authors need to get paid. Black women need to get paid. also, in Ms. Saad’s words, “this is a book that you DO”. don’t skip the workbook. I ordered the book to my local bookstore yesterday, so i’m happy to talk through the book as we do it, if anyone wants. also, like with Rachel Cargle’s website, you can click through the instagram posts without an account – HIGHLY recommended. support her here.
  • (@ajabarber) – direct from the site, Aja Barber’s work revolves around “sustainability, ethics, intersectional feminism, racism and all the ways systems of power effect our buying habits.” she’s a big presence on Instagram but her articles can be found at the site I’ve linked. this article about influencer culture and sustainability is freaking HUGE for me (because man am I glad to have learned about how freaking terrible fast fashion is in recent months). if you learn from her, support her.


  • BLK + GRN: here you can find ALL-NATURAL everything from sage and laundry soap to facial serums and menstrual care products. my reduced-waste/plastic-free desires are obviously taking a backseat currently but at the same time, a lot of the goods on this site are the type of thing I’d need to buy rather than make anyway, plus I’m noticing some good packaging like with this laundry soap that I’m very curious about from the Green Laundress.
  • oneKIN: did you happen across a list of books in an instagram post from one of the women I listed above, and now you want to get your hands on a book or two? this site has you covered, whether it’s books, jewelry, or beauty products (just to name a few categories). i’m still not really shopping for anything besides groceries while jobless and trying to downsize, but for one thing – I love to save ideas for birthdays and holidays. secondly, things like laundry soap or sunscreen, I still have to buy! plus, a book is an investment. 🙂

This aren’t massive lists intentionally because I care about what I’m sharing and I want you to actually follow through and take the time to familiarize yourself with these women and their work, and also get comfortable with a way of shopping that might not be what you’re used to. I’m also hoping that through their websites, you follow their recommendations regarding what to read, what to watch on Netflix, where to buy, etc. Think of this as the list to get you to the real lists.

I ask that if you’re going to share anything, share from the source — not from me. If you want to add anything, leave it in the comments below. If you’ve got anything you just need to talk through, I’m here – whether I know you or not, whether the last time we spoke was yesterday or ten years ago.

Unless I really feel called to come back on here, I’ll probably be away for a while – I’ll be upfront about it this time. I know I’m sharing right now, but seriously this is not my time to speak.

Healing wishes to all… ❤

One Reply to “here to redirect you”

  1. I’m so thrilled to see you taking part in the human movement towards racial justice in America. Much love my dear niece!



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